Vocation is derived from a Latin word Vocare meaning to call. The call of God comes to different people in different ways. As some are called to the priesthood and religious life, others are called to marital life. Some are called for service at the altar, while others are called to give necessary support to those who have left everything to follow Christ.

At Annunciation Seminary, We tend to Form Intellectually Competent, Professionally Skilled, Spiritually Evolved, Morally Upright, Socially Responsive, and Culturally Tolerant Future Priests, through Holistic Education.

Total formation of academically and spiritually sound and independent young men primarily for the catholic priesthood and for service to the church and the fatherland, through the teachings of the church, hard work, and discipline; promoting the catholic faith through works and deeds.
To promote academic excellence through hard work, discipline, and sound Christian values translated into the lives of young men for service.

Top Quality Education

We provide top-quality education for kids of all ages.

Top-Notch Classroom

Top-notch classroom environments to stimulate learning.

Certified Teachers

We have 35 Qualified Teachers ready to impact sound teachings.